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From Whence Doth Arise Thine Own Inspiration?


Inspiration surfaces in all shapes and sizes.
It comes in all colours and varieties.
It resonates in sound and music.
It is splattered throughout paintings.
It evolves with the written word.
It marches with the memes.

It vectors via mathematics.
It pulsates amongst movement.
It arrives through the senses.
It wells up from the heart.
It springs from the soul.

It comes when it wants, and not when it does not.

It penetrates and permeates,
Resonates and perforates.

It has been called Muse.
It has been called love.
It has been called pain and anguish.


as long as it flows,

the body of work grows...

2in finite T


The nine Greek Muses are summoned in a magical alleyway in the heart of London, England.



finite infinity